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I do not have my certification to teach art. However, for the past year, I taught Kindergarten through eighth grade art. While I do not expect to be hired for my art skills, here are a few examples of classroom management and lessons that I used this past year.

Some of the goals in these lessons include helping students to develop the skills of inhibitive control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility; the three skills involved in executive functions. In the kindergarten art sample, the students practice inhibitive control by following rules and working together. In the 4th-8th grade art sample, the students must remain very still when letting the masks set. Working memory is used when the students remember and follow the rules of each media. The older students display cognitive flexibility when analyzing masks of other cultures and deciding which features to include in their project. The skills of executive function are essential for learning and testing in any subject. Well-planned lessons in the Arts contribute to other learning by supporting executive function.

Classroom Set Up and Rules
Kindergarten Art Lesson
4th-8th Grade Art Unit