Anne Miller


Music Educator



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I was born and grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. I attended school in the local Lutheran Church Missouri Synod school system, first at Faith Lutheran Church and School, and then Lincoln Lutheran Jr/Sr High. My childhood was greatly influenced by the many artists and musicians in my family. My grandfather, Reinhold Marxhausen, was a prominent local artist who worked in many media, as well as working his whole life to help others see art and beauty in the world around them. Because of this upbringing, I see the world with a unique point of view. I began violin lessons at the age of 5, starting a great interest in the many different facets of music and music performance. I also have many interests in other technical skills. During high school, I was a mentor for the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) camp. I have also worked with the University of Nebraska- Lincoln (UNL) information services, installing and maintaining fiber optic and network systems. My work in the UNL School of Music music computer lab has made me proficient in computer support, as well as with specialized music equipment. I spent a year teaching music and art at a Catholic school, even though I am not Catholic myself. The school body in question consisted of mostly immigrant families, as well as a large number of families living in poverty. Working at that school has made a large impact on my social and political views. Recently, I have been working as an independent contractor and curator for my grandparents' estate. This includes research, art restoration, and document organization. Ever since college, I have maintained a private violin and viola studio, as well as volunteering my teaching and directing skills in a wide variety of local church and school organizations, especially the Kingdom's Kind Youth Choir at Faith Lutheran Church. I have also been substitute teaching in Lincoln, Millard, and Gretna. I currently live in Seward, Nebraska.