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Music Educator



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Middle School Music Class Routine



Assumes one 50 minute class period a week.


Students enter the room and sit in their assigned seats. Students on the north end of the rows gather and distribute folders, hymnals, etc.


Start the class with stretching and vocal warm ups. Examples include “Scooby dooby dooby dooby doo” and sirens.


Students then open their hymnals to the indicated “hymn of the week.” Teacher uses recorded accompaniment, and the students sing through the first verse. The class then stops and discusses the topic of the hymn, the specific verse, and the meaning of unknown words or phrases that are used. Depending on the church season, the class discusses why this particular hymn is appropriate for that week. The hymn is then sung again, this time including several, if not all, of the additional verses.


Students then work on the main body of the rehearsal.


With approximately 15 minutes left in the lesson, students put their books and folders under their chairs. Papers with the lyrics to a song are handed out to each person. The song is played, and the students are to follow along with the lyrics. It is strongly suggested that the students follow the words with their finger. Self-regulation is key; there is absolutely no talking allowed. Students must focus on their own musical experience. Once the song is done, each student must give a lyric or phrase that was particularly meaningful to them. It is ok if several people have the same answer. This helps them compare and evaluate what they have learned from the song. This is followed by a very brief discussion of the overall meaning or theme of the song.


Students are then allowed to put away their chairs. Students on the south end of the rows gather the folders and hymnals and put them away. Students are allowed to keep the sheets from the ending discussion, however, if they are not going to keep them or use them, they are to be returned into the appropriate box on the teacher’s desk before they leave. Students line up at the door. Each rehearsal, up to two students are chosen for their hard work and good behavior. If the class exhibits poor behavior during class, one, or no student may be chosen for the day. Each student in the class will be chosen at least once before anyone gets chosen a second time. These students each get to put a stamp on their class’s paper on the bulletin board. They also get to take home a note with specific positive traits checked off. This gives the students a chance to evaluate their behavior at the end of each class. Once the class earns ten stamps, they get a “party” class period, where they get to play musical games or watch a movie. Class is ended with prayer, specifically praying for the two chosen students, and the members of the class.